• Heidi Adams

What is wildlife habitat management?

An American Toad in the Ozarks (Photo by H. Adams)

For my very first entry, I want to start with the basics. Namely, to discuss the concept of wildlife habitat management. What is habitat? Well, if you have taken any class with me, you know habitat is where an animal is able to survive and reproduce. You probably also know habitat is made up of 4 key components: food, water, shelter, and space. Without these, you don't have wildlife. This occurs more often than you probably realize, especially since we live in a world of fragmented landscapes, increasing urbanization, and invasive species. If we are going to have healthy native wildlife, we need to actively manage habitat for them to subsist. We must look beyond the animals and evaluate the quality of vegetation, soil, and water. We must turn to methods that help us improve habitat for wildlife, such as disturbance techniques. I've said it before and I'll say it again, no animal is an island. Look for the interactions, learn how to improve them, then rejoice in the beautiful diversity you helped develop!

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