• Heidi Adams

Snakes: Don't Fear the Unknown

I believe we live in a society that caters to a culture of fearing what we are not familiar with or what we do not understand. Wildlife is no exception, particularly snakes. Many see snakes as vicious animals that chase down and attack people. Also, thanks to a certain biblical entity we are all very familiar with, many view snakes as something evil that is supposed to be feared. I can tell you firsthand this is simply not the case. Snakes--like most wildlife--like to keep to themselves and avoid humans. They are great to have around in that they eat many problem-causing rodents, such as mice and rats. And despite popular thought, they are not slimy or vicious. In fact, you are more likely to get bit by a snake if you are harassing or trying to kill it. Can you really blame them in this case? I'd attack, too, if someone was trying to hurt me! Given I hear so many people say "The only good snake is a dead snake," who is more dangerous--snakes or people? There are, of course, snakes out there with bad attitudes that are more likely to bite than others, but we could say the same about dogs and cats. Thus, I encourage you to try to understand snakes. The University of Florida has great website you can check out for more information. In conclusion, I am not asking that you love or even like snakes, just to respect them.

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